Pioneer and leader in Magnetic Cooling

Ubiblue creates the future of refrigeration. Clean. Efficient. Sustainable.

Our solution

Cooling, reinvented

Global warming is accelerating and credible solutions are struggling to emerge.

Ubiblue is a French based company specialized in the magnetic refrigeration technology. We design and produce innovative and reversible refrigeration machines based on the magneto-caloric effect.

Our cooling devices operate without any refrigerant gas and allow significant energy savings. Ubiblue is today the leader of this market with 15 years of experience and breakthrough innovations in the field.

No refrigerant gas

50 % less energy

Simplified maintenance

Reliable & safe Sustainable & efficient

Dual expertise

Magnetic cooling

A breakthrough technology to answer the challenges faced by the cold chain.

The future of refrigeration.

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Heat conversion

A clean innovation to transform heat sources into electricity.

An energy revolution.

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Years of experience in magnetic cooling


Prototypes developed & tested in real life conditions (TRL 7-8)

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