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Magnetic cooling

15 years of innovation

Magnetic refrigeration is a concrete innovation responding to the environmental, energy and technical challenges of actors in the cold chain. For over 15 years, Ubiblue has brought key innovations to magnetic refrigeration to enable the development of economically viable high capacity systems.

Ubiblue is today the only company capable of developing high-power machines, from a few kW to several tens of kW.

Notre innovation : une machine de froid magnétique

refrigerant gases

Estimated ROI

Energy saving

% Carnot COP

Magnetic cooling in a few words


Magnetic cooling works without refrigerant gas and therefore does not harm the environment.


Our systems operate with excellent performance coefficients (COP)


Magnetic cooling works with greatly reduced power consumption.


Our machines are made up of recyclable elements with a low ecological footprint.


Magnetic cooling overcomes progressive regulations on refrigerant gases.


Safe, harmless, low pressure technology with no risk of flammability.

Noise and vibration

Low vibrations and noise pollution.

Redundancy and scalability

Scalable and redundant system. Reliability: no interruption of service.

Reduced maintenance

Predictive and reduced maintenance. High system durability and reduced TCO.

Our expertise

Our team of experts has designed, produced and tested in real conditions several magnetic refrigeration prototypes. Independent laboratories have tested the performance of most of these TRL 7-8 systems. Their reports show great energy efficiency and validate the value of the technology.

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