Wasted heat

An under-exploited energy source

The exploitation of heat sources is today a major axis of ecological transition and the fight against global warming.

Fatal heat, also called recovery heat or waste heat, corresponds to heat generated by a process which is not its primary purpose and which is not recovered. This is for example the combustion of a fuel for an oven whose useful heat for the process varies between 20% and 40%. Between 60% and 80% of the heat produced by this oven therefore constitutes waste heat, untreated and unexploited.

Today, heat sources below 100 ° C, rejected by industrial installations or thermal power plants in operation, are hardly used. Ubiblue imagined a breakthrough innovation to exploit these sources of energy. The potential of this technology is enormous.

Ubiblue aims to become the leader in low temperature heat conversion machines. This technology will produce clean energy with high profitability for customers.

Ubiblue uses its in-depth knowledge and experience acquired in the field of magnetic refrigeration for the design and production of a machine for converting heat into electrical energy. These two types of device share the same architecture and are based on the same expertise.

Ubiblue has today finalized the development of the first conversion prototype and thus validated the proof of concept of the physical phenomenon. The technology, protected by international patents, is now ready to be tested in real conditions. Find out more

60 TWh

Energy loss each year in France only

-50° à +100°

Possible temperature range

80% à 95 %

Carnot yield conversion percentage

The benefits of technology


No negative impact on the environment and the landscape

Clean energy

Exploitation of non-valued renewable energy deposits


ROI estimated less than 5 years - OPEX negative


Efficiently transforms low heat sources below 100 ° C


Electricity production independent of the location


Safe, harmless, low pressure technology with no risk of flammability.

Noise and vibration

Low vibrations and noise pollution


Modular construction to increase power

Predictive and reduced maintenance

Low mechanical stresses resulting in a long service life

We offer a reliable, profitable and ecological solution to our customers. Our technology adapts to many activity sectors:

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